On January 4, 2010, on his way to work on the first working day of the year, Wilito Tulio, a 58 year- old resident of Caloocan City, met an accident while on board a passenger bus which resulted in the amputation of his right arm.

Mr. Tulio had been working at the ECCO Printing Press for around 36 years until the day the unfortunate incident occurred. During that time, his employer entrusted him the general operations of the printing business. He started his employment for the same company as a helper and had been assigned to different areas of the business, to eventually an operations supervisor.

The unexpected disability caused by the accident prompted Mr. Tulio to file his resignation letter because he felt, at that time, that without his arm he would be worthless.

However, he was able to file and claim a cash income benefit from the SSS and a monthly amount of P8, 800 per month for 50 months for his EC PPD benefit under the Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP).

In addition to the monetary benefits, he was also enrolled under the ECC-KAGABAY program as one of its beneficiaries. The KAGABAY is a special economic assistance program for occupationally-disabled workers (ODWs) who suffered a work-related sickness or injury.

The program granted him a right arm prosthesis coupled with physical therapy sessions, both in-patient and out-patient. The therapy sessions were conducted at the Philippine General Hospital, intended for him to get accustomed to the use of his newly attached artificial arm.

Mr. Tulio was also able to take advantage of the KAGABAY sponsored entrepreneurial trainings, equipping him with basic business management knowledge, and a series of livelihood trainings like hog raising, soap making, among others.

At present, he is working as a supervisor in an intermittent basis to his former employer. He is likewise engaged in rag making, which he regularly supplies to printing press establishments and other retailers. At the same time, he is now an active member of a cooperative managed and organized with other ODW beneficiaries of the KAGABAY.

He further added that although the accident was devastating, the ECC, through its various programs, opened several livelihood doors for him and his family.