Tuguegarao City – Two persons with work-related disabilities (PWRDs) receive transportation and meal allowances (TMA) under the Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP) in the amount of Php 6,000.00 each to defray the transportation and meal expenses they incurred while undergoing therapy sessions.

The TMA is a stipend given to a PWRD who availed of the free physical rehabilitation services in all partner hospitals of ECC.

PWRDs who have an approved EC sickness or disability claims due to a work related illness and/or injury can avail of EC rehabilitation services.

Gilbert Rodriguez, a construction worker, who met an accident at his workplace and Grace Catubag, a public school teacher, who suffered from a work-connected myocardial infarction are recipients of ECP benefits and services. Both received TMA and rehab services.

“The stipend is an accessory benefit for our PWRDs, so they can fully avail our free rehab services. For some time, it had been an issue for a number of PWRDs, that they are willing to undergo physical/occupational therapy, but they find it hard to attend the therapy sessions due to financial constraints,” said ECC Executive Director Stella Banawis. “With the 500/day TMA per therapy session, we hope that the PWRD will conscientiously attend their therapy so that they can immediately recover from their disabilities.”

“It is our duty to help these PWRDs get back in the economic mainstream as competent, sound and completely rehabilitated individuals, so they can perform productively in their workplaces and/or in managing their chosen businesses as granted by the ECP,” Director Banawis added.

Meanwhile, Catubag expressed her gratitude to ECC and said, “I am deeply thankful to ECC for looking after the PWRDs and for formulating programs that could enhance our life and alleviate our conditions. Truly, you are a helping hand.”


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