Employment Status: Permanent

Plantilla Item No.: 14

Job Grade: 10-1

Monthly Salary: PHP 36,619 + 2,000 PERA

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Experience: 1 Year of relevant Experience

Training: 4 Hours of Relevant Training

Eligibility: Career Service (Professional)/Second Level Eligibility

Place of Assignment: ECC Head Office – Makati




Ability to use logical, systematic reasoning to understand, analyzes, and resolves problems.

  1. Identifies core issues and responds to them appropriately
  2. Identifies and evaluates many possible causes of a problem
  3. Extracts information from a variety of sources to assist in problem identification and solving
  4. Synthesizes ideas and integrates information resulting in holistic versus fragmented perspective and action


Ability to do things on his/her own with strong predisposition to improve results and create opportunities.

  1. Initiates individual or group projects and takes responsibility for their success
  2. Takes appropriate action to meet challenging goals, objectives or business needs and assumes accountability before being asked to or before being forced to


Ability to exemplify high standards of professional behavior as a public servant, adhering to ethical as well as moral principles, values and standards of public office.

  1. Takes action to improve own abilities in line with career goals, including volunteering for “stretch” assignments and taking on additional responsibilities
  2. Encourages others to maintain a positive attitude towards work, meeting tight deadlines and the needs of demanding stakeholders


Ability to understand and operate within formal and informal structures of an organization, and recognize the impact of external trends and influence on organizational functioning.

  1. Understands the relationships between internal climate and external environment and leverages understanding to work performance
  2. Accurately describes the issues and culture of external
stakeholders; uses this information to achieve goals and initiatives
  3. Supports the changing culture and methods of operating, if necessary, for the success of  ECC



Ability to receive and convey ideas, instructions, and information by using appropriate language, method and manner to ensure the audience understands the message and takes necessary action.

  1. Demonstrates the ability to express complex concepts, thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely for the understanding of all audiences
  2. Tailors communication to intended audience and uses appropriate tools and strategies to convey information
  3. Paraphrases information to check understanding before drawing conclusions


Ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with others; notices and accurately interprets what others are feeling; shows understanding, tact empathy, courtesy, concern, and politeness.

  1. Develops relationships with the intent of achieving effective delivery of relevant services
  2. Solicits feedback from peers and subordinates to evaluate work actions and decisions and strives to change if necessary
  3. Demonstrates diplomacy by approaching others about sensitive issues in a
    non-threatening way


Ability to plan, develop, and implement measures that will avoid, overcome or compensate for elements of risk.

  1. Aligns efforts considering individual, department/division/section, and organizational strategies
  2. Communicates the impact of identified risks and recommends corrective action
  3. Conducts periodic review of compliance with risk objectives
  4. Establishes controls to help mitigate negative outcomes through prevention or detection and correction.
  5. Maintains consistent data


  1. Uses and creates databases and performs basic database operations such as editing records, creating new databases, setting field attributes, using pivot tables, etc.
  2. Shows proficiency in using highly specialized and job-specific software
  3. Displays knowledge and understanding of the different stages of software development life cycle

Ability to demonstrate understanding of computers and use of software applications utilized by the Commission to increase productivity and effective flow of work.


Ability to effectively manage one’s time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently.

  1. Identifies more critical and less critical activities and tasks; adjusts priorities when appropriate
  2. Takes advantage of available resources (individuals, processes, departments, and tools) to complete work efficiently



Ability to establish and implement policies and procedures regarding the effective delivery/provision of benefits to all employees.

  1. Conceptualizes new incentives, awards and benefits for employees
  2. Reviews, evaluates and recommends proposals for enhancement of existing policies
  3. Recommends automated systems that will expedite faster benefits administration to employees


Ability to institute and implement competency-based manpower planning and recruitment and selection as well as employee development policies, processes and systems

  1. Ensures consistent implementation of recruitment and placement calendar/plan vis-à-vis existing pertinent policies, processes and procedures
  2. Monitors effectiveness of existing recruitment process and policies and recommends improvements to ensure competent hires for the organization
  3. Determines, evaluates, reviews and recommends talent pool requirements of the organization by reviewing strategic objectives
  4. Modifies or customizes training modules to fit local settings based on set standards, objectives and guidelines
  5. Ensures completeness of course content and/or topics to be discussed by experts/ resource speakers for planned development program or intervention


Ability to develop and implement programs/interventions that create and maintain conducive employer-employee working environment through various activities that promote and contribute to productivity, motivation and morale.

  1. Drafts recommendations on enhancement of existing policies and programs
  2. Drafts proposal to improve workplace environment
  3. Consults with all employees on workplace environment
  4. Recommends Employee Wellness (social, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional dimension) activities to improve the health of employees
  5. Handles simple to moderate queries and aspects of issues across the employee lifecycle such as disciplinary actions, performance management processes, and redundancies


Ability to guide and align Human Resource Management concepts, principles, tactical planning, and best practices with the strategic and long term goals of the ECC.

  1. Examines decisions made by the Commission leadership and make presentations to educate and promote awareness on leadership and staff development issues
  2. Understands financial management and ECC’s mission planning terminology, concepts, and key indicators as they relate to and impact organizational needs, and integrates applicable financial and budgetary knowledge in implementing HR plans and programs.
  3. Establishes and manages HR processes and programs to manage ECC’s workforce and facilitates resource alignment with areas of greatest importance to the mission.


Ability to promote individual and organizational development through planning, designing, and managing employee development and training programs/services.

  1. Identifies and deploys program delivery strategies and methodologies
  2. Disseminate program information


Ability to understand and demonstrate knowledge of business strategy and human resource (HR) concepts, principles, and practices to effectively align the needs of ECC and its workforce and to design strategies that support leadership in planning for and obtaining the necessary resources to carry out its mission.

  1. Develops succession planning tools and templates to support leadership in ensuring the continuity of mission/work
  2. Uses analytical skills to determine what knowledge, skills, abilities, and other relevant personal characteristics are required to successfully carry out the work
  3. Examines decisions of the Commission leadership and makes presentation to educate and promote awareness on human capital development issues


Ability to understand and demonstrate knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, case law, principles, and practices related to negotiating and administering labor agreements in accordance with Civil Service Code or RA 6713.

  1. Identifies, evaluates, and recommends management interventions to solve complex problems and issues


Ability to manage and resolve disagreements and conflicts in a positive and constructive manner to minimize negative impact.

  1. Expands areas of agreement and narrows down areas of disagreement
  2. Actively seeks out different points of view and leverages the benefits of different perspectives
  3. Uses principles learned from past experiences to solve current problems
  4. Resolves issues and disagreements objectively


Ability to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate projects/programs in order to achieve the set objectives within budget, time and quality limits. Ability to manage human, financial, information technology and material resources.

  1. Identifies issues, critical tasks and potential risk areas
  2. Sets direction and course of actions to reach objectives and goals
  3. Identifies, evaluates, and implements measurement systems for ongoing and future projects
  4. Delegates and leverages work, tasks and resources effectively
  5. Respects and factors own and others’ existing projects to determine realistic timeframes
  6. Breaks down projects into component tasks
  7. Applies the concepts, principles and methods/techniques of planning and managing project/program resources
  8. Monitors performance and evaluates results

Interested and qualified applicants should signify their interest in writing. Attach the following documents to the application letter and send a scanned copy to the email address below not later than April 26, 2024.

  1. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) and Work Experience Sheet which can be downloaded at;
  2. Performance rating in the present position for one (1) year (For Government Employees Only);
  3. Photocopy of certificate of eligibility/rating/license; and

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to send through email their application to:

Atty. Kaima Via B. Velasquez
Executive Director
4th and 5th Floors, ECC Bldg. 355 Sen. Gil Puyat. Ave., Makati City
[email protected]



“ECC is an equal employment opportunity employer. All employment is decided on the applicants’ qualifications, merit, and fitness to the position applied for. ECC does not tolerate discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, or any other basis covered by

applicable laws.”