(First of a series)

Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz commended the Employees’ Compensation Commission for continuously improving the benefits of Filipino workers under the Employees’ Compensation Program.

“I am very much pleased to know that for the past four years the ECC has worked hard to improve its ECP benefits,” Baldoz announced.

Baldoz referred to the recent increase in ECP benefits such as the approval by President Aquino of the ECC proposal to increase the EC funeral benefits, both for public and private sector employees, from P10,000 to P20,000 and the 10% across the board increase in EC  pension for the private sector.

The President also approved in April 2013 ECC’s proposal to increase the maximum daily income benefit for temporary total disability for public sector employees from P90/day to P200/day to make it at par with the private sector. The public sector employees with work-related PPDs and PTD now also enjoy carer’s allowance of P575/month as a supplemental benefit.

The professional fee for physicians for public sector was also increased to make it identical with the private sector. For first visit with general practitioners,the fee of P60 was raised to P100, and for follow up check-ups, from P50 to P80. If the patient will seek the services of a specialist, the fee upon first visit was increased from P60 to P150 and for followup check-ups, the rate was raised from P50 to P100.

Earlier in 2010, ECC also worked on the increase in the meal and transportation allowance of occupationally-disabled workers in the private sector who underwent skills and entrepreneurial trainings from P1,800 to P2,500.

“We are happy to know that the Labor Secretary appreciates our efforts in enhancing the EC programs and benefits for our workforce,” ECC Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis expressed.

“Rest assured that ECC is committed to continue reviewing and formulating new programs and policies for our stakeholders,”Banawis stated.