The Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) obtained a 100% disposition rate in the 171 appealed cases elevated by its administering agencies, the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and the Social Security System (SSS) for CY 2013.   The 100% rate is until the cut-off date of November 20, 2013.

Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis said that it is the first time that the ECC achieved a 100% disposition rate since its inception in 1975.

Director Banawis added that out of the 171 cases, 121 were from the SSS and 50 cases were elevated by the GSIS.

Fourteen percent (14%) or 24 cases were decided in favour of the claimants or for   grant of employees’ compensation benefits, while 86% or  121  cases  were affirmations of the GSIS or SSS’ decisions.

Out of the 24 cases for award of benefits, 19 cases were from the SSS while 5 cases were from the GSIS.

The 19 cases for benefit grants in the private sector are as follows:  9 for temporary total disability benefits, 5 for permanent partial disability benefits, 4 for death benefits and 1 for medical reimbursement.

In the public sector, temporary total disability also comprised the largest share in the grant of benefits which posted 3 cases and 2 cases were for medical reimbursements.

“Eighty percent of the cases resolved or 136 cases were actually decided within 40-working days process cycle time,” Banawis finally said.

One of the cases resolved within the process cycle time is the case of Johnhanton C. Morales vs. SSS. Morales was previously employed by Elburg Ship Management Phils., Inc as Able Seaman. However, he was repatriated to the Philippines due to a work-related illness. He was diagnosed as suffering from Cervical Disc Protrusion.

The SSS granted him EC Permanent Partial Disability (EC PPD) benefit of 10% of the body equivalent to 8 months allowance for his disorder. However, Morales believed that he is entitled to additional EC disability benefits and filed his claim with SSS. But SSS denied his claim because Morales already received his maximum EC PPD benefits. Thus, the records of his claim were elevated to the ECC on June 2, 2013. Based on the Schedule of Compensation, ECC deemed that Morales is entitled to additional EC PPD benefits of 1 month. ECC issued its order on July 2, 2013 ordering SSS to pay Mr. Morales the additional EC PPD benefits. ECC was able to dispose this case in 30 days.

The case of Morales is one of the 136 cases that was decided by the ECC within the process cycle time of 40 working days.