ECC reimburses medical expenses for GBS patient

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan – An employee of Universal Leaf Philippines Inc. recently received a lump sum of P458,333.00 from the Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) representing the reimbursement of his medical expenses for the treatment of his rare illness called Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), which is clinically considered to be an auto-immune disease triggered by a preceding bacterial or viral infection.

ECC Executive Director Stella Z. Banawis announced the reimbursement after she received a report from the Regional Office No. 2.

“Aside from this, the said person with work-related disability (PWRD) received P24,000.00 as loss-of-income benefits from the Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP), for the number of days he was absent from work due to his illness,” Banawis said.

The said PWRD acquired his illness in 2015. According to his attending physician, the illness was work-related since he is a field personnel. His exposure to the environment and to various individuals in the performance of his function could have been the cause of his viral infection.

Under the ECP, there are 32 listed compensable diseases and GBS is excluded from it, but since it had been established through his medical records that the illness has a causal connection with his official functions, his claim for EC benefit was approved.

“The ECP provides for the list of compensable diseases but it doesn’t limit the compensability of illnesses excluded from it. Other diseases not in the list may still be compensable, if the employee can establish causal connection with the nature of his work or his working environment,” ED Banawis said.

“Hence, we encourage employees suffering from deemed work-related illnesses excluded in our list of compensable diseases to file for their EC claims. The ECP is just here ready to help valid claimants of work-connected contingencies,” Banawis added.



ECC gets high satisfaction rating in 2017

The Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) continuous to be strong as it posted an overall net satisfaction rating of 99.5% for its 2017 performance based on the results of an ECC-commissioned survey.

ECC Executive Director Stella Z. Banawis announced this good news recently after she received the report on the results of the 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Rating Study.

“This is the third stakeholder satisfaction survey we have commissioned. The results recorded in 2017 are a big jump from the previous ratings we had; this only means that our clients and beneficiaries are very satisfied with the ECC,” said Banawis.

The 2017 results show a significant improvement from its rating of 93% in 2016 and 91% in 2015, respectively. The high-level of satisfaction with the ECC covered four components that include staff, services, the ECC as an organization, and state of employment compensation in the Philippines.

A total of 398 respondents were chosen for the conduct of the 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Rating Study. Data from 290 respondents were gathered through a face-to-face survey and phone interviews that was conducted in December 2017 for ECC participants and beneficiaries served from January to August 2017 while the remaining 108 respondents were gathered using a self-administered form that was accomplished immediately after they availed of ECC’s services.

The respondents gave ECC an overall satisfaction of 1.71, much higher than its 2016 score of 2.05. The rating squarely placed ECC’s rating within the very satisfied range.

ECC improved its satisfaction rating in all components of the satisfaction score, with the most significant leap in the respondents’ satisfaction with the state of employment compensation in the Philippines after a low performance in 2016.

Respondents were also very satisfied with ECC staff who scored consistently well in terms of being courteous, competent, attentive, responsive and professional. The results also show that respondents are very happy with the ECC as an organization, particularly drawing high points from Quick Response Program beneficiaries, case disposition clients, and the organizational participants in the advocacy training.

ECC likewise got a high score with the services the respondents receive from ECC.

“The results are proof of the capability of the ECC to now connect its services to the bigger agenda of employees’ compensation in the Philippines,” said ECC Executive Director Stella Z. Banawis.

“2017 is indeed a great year of improvement for ECC but the challenge now for all of us is even higher as we need to maintain the level of satisfaction we recorded in 2017, ensuring that there will be no drop in the net satisfaction rating in the next years,” Banawis added.

The 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Rating Study was conducted by the Fernando Paragas Marketing and Management Consultancy.