Vicky Miguel

The Human Resource Management Officer of the Employees’ Compensation Commission Vicky Miguel will bid farewell to the ECC effective November as she begins to start another exciting chapter of her life.

Vicky,” as her colleagues fondly call her, worked as a public servant for 42 years and shared her talent and skills inthe ECC for 37 years. She started as a clerk typist and eventually became HR Officer II.

The very amiable and business-mindedVicky is always willing to assist every ECC employee with the filing of their leaves, reimbursement of their administrative expenses and any administrative matters. She is very much ready to put down her pen to pay attention to employees seeking her help.

Every morning, Vicky never fails to greet everyone in the office with enthusiasm. No one would think that sheis about to retire because of her good disposition in life and a healthy and fit physique. She is also unbeatable in table tennis at ECC. As an alto member of the ECC Chorale, she never hesitates to share her lovely voice with the people.

Vicky has mixed emotions about the transition. She looks forward to the new stage of her life. However, she knows that she will truly miss her job. More than half of her life was devoted to work and then suddenly she will no longer do what she is used to do.

AsVicky bids farewell to the ECC, her ECC family wishes that all the years that lie ahead of her be filled with laughter, joy and fulfilled dreams. She will definitely be missed by her colleagues. The ECC truly appreciates the commitment that she has given for 37 wonderful years.