Earlier this year, the Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) reintroduced its free regional Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP) advocacy seminar with a new format. This initiative specifically focuses on engaging graduating students, representatives and officials from various Technical and Vocational Institutions and Barangays nationwide. The primary goal is to enhance awareness of ECP among barangay officials, who serve as community leaders, ensuring that crucial information about government benefits and services remains easily accessible. Concurrently, the seminar aims to equip TVI students with the necessary knowledge for a smooth transition into the workforce and to provide essential retraining for TVI personnel on the foundational aspects of the EC Program.

The ECC has successfully organized eight advocacy seminars across various provinces, namely Pampanga, Iloilo, Misamis Oriental & Iligan City, Pangasinan, Tawi –Tawi, Palawan and Bohol.

The seminar, spanning two to three days per region, brought together nearly 2,000 participants representing over 800 companies, organizations and barangays nationwide. This program is in addition to the regular in-house and on-site seminars and webinars conducted by the ECC central office and its regional extension units.

ECC Executive Director Atty. Kaima Via Velasquez emphasized the significance of conducting advocacy seminars at the grassroots level, considering it a crucial initiative for ensuring that every Filipino is well-informed about government programs and services.

Expressing satisfaction with the opportunity to serve current and prospective ECC members, Velasquez stated, “We are delighted to extend our assistance to all our members and those who will soon become part of the ECC. We trust that these efforts by our office will foster a greater understanding of the significance of the ECP as a key component of our government’s social security programs.

The participants, particularly the TVI students and barangay officials, conveyed their sincere appreciation to the ECC management for including them in the seminars, acknowledging that many of them were previously unfamiliar with the program.

The ECC guarantees the public that it will continue in carrying out more advocacy campaigns, alongside endeavors to enhance its digital presence on various social media platforms to further broaden the reach of the program, ensuring that more workers are informed about ECP.

To stay updated on the list and schedules of ECP advocacy seminars and town hall meetings in 2024, just follow ECC’s official Facebook page and join the Viber community.


A. Garcia – CO