Eight Asian countries, including the Philippines, signed the declaration for the development of partnership among the member organizations of the Asian Workers’ Compensation Forum on 25 October 2012 in Seoul, South Korea for the development of workers’ compensation and the enhancement of social security in Asian countries.

Representatives of workers’ compensation organizations in Asia, including the Employees’ Compensation Commission of the Philippines,  National Social Security Fund of Cambodia,  PT Jamsostek of Indonesia, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Lao PDR,  Social Security Organization of Lao PDR, Social Security Organization of Malaysia,  Social Insurance General Office of Mongolia, Korea Workers’  Compensation & Welfare Service of the Republic of Korea,  Department of Labour of Sri Lanka,  Office of the Commissioner for Work for Workmen’s Compensation of Sri Lanka,  Social Security Office of Thailand, Vietnam Social Security,  gathered on this momentous occasion and participated on its  inaugural  General Assembly.

The member organizations agreed to facilitate human exchanges and information sharing which will promote cooperative relationship and exchanges in the area of workers’ compensation.

With its commitment to achieve the said goals, the member organizations declared that the development of partnership among workers compensation organizations in Asia shall be pursued under the principle of enhanced human  exchanges and information sharing among member organizations; build reciprocally favourable relationship among its members;  develop  and maintain reciprocally helpful relationships with other similar associations, including International Social Security Association (ISSA),  ASEAN Social Security Association (ASSA),  European Workers’ Compensation Forum (EWCF),  International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC), and  Rehabilitation International (RI);  cooperate on the development of the workers’ compensation in the countries of the member organizations.