The Employees’ Compensation Commission, pursuant to its mandate to provide an appropriate and meaningful compensation for the workers suffering from work-related contingencies and their beneficiaries on work-related death,  issued a policy on lifting the suspension of payment of EC death benefits in the public sector beyond the five-year guaranteed period, under ECC Board Resolution No. 12-07-16, on August 22, 2012.

This policy is now being implemented by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) starting on the date of its issuance, subject to the rule that the lifting of the 5-year limit in the payment of EC survivorship pension has a prospective application and a set of qualifications for the beneficiaries that will receive it.

Only the following beneficiaries shall be benefited by this new policy, to wit:

  1. Those EC survivorship pensioners who are actually receiving pensions as of August 2012 shall no longer be subject to the 5-year cap;
  2. Those who will be entitled to receive EC survivorship pension after August 2012 shall no longer be subject to the 5-year cap; and
  3. Those EC survivorship pensioners whose pensions were stopped due to the 5-year cap will have their pension accrual from August 2012 processed.

Additional requirement with regard to the surviving legitimate spouse under this policy is that, he/she should have not remarried. And for the dependent children, the qualifications for them to be entitled are:

  1. must be unmarried;
  2. b. must be not gainfully employed; and
  3. must be not over 21 years of age; or
  4. Over 21 years of age provided he/she is incapable of self-support due to a physical or mental defect which is congenital or acquired during minority;

For those who are entitled to this benefit, the GSIS is now processing the resumption of your pension. However, the GSIS shall first create your record in their database, hence, it would be best to visit and inquire in a nearest regional office, and thereafter, enroll you for the Land Bank eCard where your monthly pension will be credited.

For further inquiries, kindly visit the GSIS Branch nearest to your residence.