The Employees’ Compensation Commission and the Philippine National Police sealed an agreement yesterday at the National Headquarters of Camp Crame in institutionalizing information drive about the Employees’ Compensation Program for the uniformed personnel of the PNP.

ECC Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis and Chief Directorial Staff Police Deputy Director General Marcelo Poyaoan Garbo, Jr. signed the memorandum of agreement between the ECC and PNP. ECC OIC-Deputy Executive Director Atty. Jonathan T. Villasoto and Deputy Director for Personnel and Records Management Police Chief Superintendent Wilfredo Dalis Franco witnessed the signing of MOA

Through the MOA, PNP and ECC can improve and institutionalize the ECP by way of effective dissemination of information on the entitlement of benefits and services and coverage of the program.

ECC pledged in the MOA to conduct seminars on ECP to uniformed personnel of the PNP in all regions of the country. It will also facilitate information exchange to uniformed personnel of the PNP needing employees’ compensation services like the KaGabay Program. There will be a designated ECC focal persons from the central and regional offices who shall coordinate the needs of the ECC and PNP.

On the other hand, the PNP vowed to provide opportunities for ECC to conduct ECP information dissemination to the different units of the PNP. The PNP will permit the ECC to display posters on the ECP as well as distribute ECP materials to uniformed personnel. PNP will notify ECC in case there are work-related incidents involving uniformed personnel and furnish a list of beneficiaries. PNP will assist the unit personnel offices/staffs in the completion of all documentary requirements needed for the filing of EC claims. PNP will designate personnel/unit which shall coordinate the needs of the ECC and PNP.

ECC and PNP will create a technical working group that will regularly meet to develop areas of collaboration and assess the partnership and formulate implementing rules and regulations geared towards promoting and institutionalizing the EC program and facilitate the processing of EC claims.