Following the signing by President Benigno C. Aquino of Executive Order (EO) No. 188, on “Imposing a Ten Percent (10%) Across-the-Board Increase in EC Pension for Employees in the Public Sector, the Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) issued Board Resolution (BR) No. 15-09-42 providing for the guidelines for its implementation.

BR No. 15-09-42 provides that the ten percent (10%) across-the-board increase shall be granted to all EC Permanent Partial Disability (PPD), EC Permanent Total Disability (PTD) and EC survivorship pensioners in the public sector.

Furthermore, the said BR stressed that the ten percent (10%) across-the-board increase shall have a retroactive application from 1 May 2015.

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), the administering agency of EC for the public sector, shall appropriate and release the amount necessary to cover the ten percent (10%) increase in EC monthly pension.

The ten percent (10%) across-the-board increase is part of the ECC’s efforts to continually improve the benefits under the Employees’ Compensation Program to make the same more responsive to the welfare and development needs of persons with work-related disabilities.

The last across-the-board increase for EC pension, pegged at 20 percent, for the public sector was implemented in 1982.