It was one fine day for a group of fishermen while they were on board a ferry in Palawan. However, the cable of the ferry was stuck in a rock during the sail. Romeo Palay had no choice but to cut the cable otherwise, the vessel will capsize due to strong current. Unfortunately, Palay’s hand was hit by a purse line cable which resulted to the amputation of his right hand.

Palay’s cousin informed him that he can avail benefits from the Employees’ Compensation Program because the incident was work-related. At first, Palay did not believe his cousin but when he found out that his cousin received an artificial finger when it had a work-related accident, he immediately filed EC claims at the Social Security System.

Palay was able to receive from the Employees’ Compensation Commission a permanent partial disability pension of P4,186 monthly for 39 months.

In addition, Palay also received from the EC Program free eight sessions of occupational therapy worth P3,200 at the Philippine General Hospital. He was also given by the ECC an artificial mechanical below elbow right hand prosthesis worth P90,000.

“Masayang-masaya po ang aking pakiramdam dahil magagamit ko na po ang bago kong kamay sa pang araw-araw ko na gawain,” (I am so happy because I can now use my hand for my every day task) Palay stated.

Palay also shared that he never thought that the ECC will actually give him an artificial hand. The prosthesis is very useful for him. He is so grateful that there is a government agency willing to help occupationally-disabled workers like him.

Palay is now backin the fishing company and works as a generator operator.