Noel Aquino, beneficiary of the EC Program, poses with Iarah Domingo, Administrative Officer of ECC REU 2, after the granting of wheelchair at Piat Cagayan, on February 14, 2024.

Tuguegarao City – “Agyamanak la unay ti ECC ti agnanayon yo nga panagtarabay ken panagtulong kanyami nga naak-aksidente gapo’t trabaho.” (I am very grateful to ECC for continuously guiding and helping people like me who met work-related accidents.)

The Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) extended its support to Noel Aquino, a former employee from Cagayan Electric Cooperative I, by granting him a new commode wheelchair.

Noel Aquino, a former meter reading collector, figured in a road accident on his way to work on February 16, 2008, resulting in complications in his spinal cord.

Having received initial assistance in the form of a starter kit comprising of groceries amounting to 20,000 pesos for his sari-sari store business on March 27, 2022, Aquino’s ongoing journey towards recovery and rehabilitation has been further aided by the ECC’s recent provision of a commode wheelchair.

The commode wheelchair represents more than just a mobility aid; it symbolizes hope, independence, and the ECC’s ongoing commitment to improving the lives of injured workers.

With this essential resource, Aquino can navigate his daily life with greater ease and dignity, empowering him to reclaim his independence and continue his journey towards recovery as he is set to undergo physical therapy with the assistance of one of ECC partner hospitals in the region.

Mangnamnamaak nga daytoy nga pinag therapy, sa payla kuma kin Apo ta umimbag ti ag agalik nga sakit tuy saka kon.” (I am hopeful that through this therapy, I will get better.)

The ECC remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting individuals like Aquino, who have encountered work-related accidents or disabilities, by providing necessary assistance and resources to help them regain their independence and livelihood.


E. Bayangos – REU2