The Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) granted EC disability benefits and reimbursement of medical expenses to a machinist of a mining companty in Tuba, Benguet, for his work-related Pneumonia.

As a machinist, appellant has been responsible for the preparation of materials and supplies for machining operation, testing and evaluating the condition of equipment, machines and accesories and complying with safety rules and regulations, SOPs and company policies.

In November 2015, he sought medical consulatation due to difficulty of breathing and swallowing, low-back pain. Laboratory examinations revealed that he has been suffering from various diseases.

Appellant’s Employees’ Compensation (EC) claim for disability benefits was denied by the SSS Baguio City Branch on the ground of no casual relationship.

On March 2017, the SSS Main Office sustained the denial due to absence of casual relationship between the illness and his job as machinist.

On appeal, the ECC decided favoraly on the compensation claim.

The ECC declared that appeallant was able to satisfy one of the conditions for compensability of Pneumonia, since his illness is considered as a complication of chemical inhalation exposure.

The ECC further said that, “Workers among mechanical and electrical services are at increased risk of pumonary infection, likely due to exposure to metal fumes.”

Thus, appeallant’s working conditions as a machinist due to his exposure to metal fumes increased the risk of contrating the said illness.

The ECC ordered the SSS to grant appeallant EC disability benefits plus reimbursement for medical expenses, due to his Pneumonia.