In line with the campaign to end violence against women and children, the Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) employees, thru the initiative of the Appeals Chief Atty. E. Patrice Jamaine T. Barron, conducted a seminar on Violence Against Women and Children on December 09, 2019 at the ECC Multi-Purpose Hall.

Eighty-six (86) personnel of ECC’s six divisions attended the seminar and participated in an interactive discussion.

Atty. Barron discussed and elaborated the legal definitions of R.A. 9262 also known as the Anti-Violence against Women and their Children, its scope and coverage.

She explained the different kinds of abuses that usually happen in relationships such as physical, sexual, psychological and economic abuses which all constitute a violation of R.A. 9262. And to better explain its forms, she cited some of the most notable news involving high profile personalities who filed cases for violation of R.A. 9262 against abusive husbands and partners.

She encouraged the participants specifically the women to act on the abuses that they have experienced, are experiencing and will experience should similar situations happen and call for immediate actions. “It is very important for us women to know our rights, so that we know how to protect ourselves from all forms of abuses. Be brave, act on it,” said Barron who has been doing the lecture on R.A. 9262 even before she joined the ECC.

Likewise, Barron reminded the men participants to show more respect for women especially those who are in relationships. “To all the gentlemen here, value your wives and children or your partners. Maintain high respect for them. If you have problems, never ever inflict physical and emotional harm to your partners,” she said.

Furthermore, R.A. 8972 also known as the Solo Parents’ Welfare Act was also highlighted so employees who are solo parents may also be aware of their rights under the law.

Mary Ann Tagalog, one of the employees said “This seminar reminds me of my rights and the limitations in a relationship. This did not only equip me with knowledge and information on my rights but also the ways on how to defend and fight for myself should similar situations happen in the future.”

ECC Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis also expressed her thoughts on the seminar. “It is very empowering for us women, and [I think] also for men, to know our rights not just as women but also as human beings who rightfully deserve respect more than anything else,” said Banawis.

Reporting by Carlo Katigbak