ECC coaches regional information officers to be better writers

To better achieve productivity in good news writing among its regional information officers, ECC recently organized a one-day seminar on news writing, media relations, crisis communication and photojournalism at the ECC Central Office, Makati.

DOLE Information and Publication Service (IPS) Division Chief Gerry S. Rubio facilitated the seminar. He trained and equipped all ECC information officers assigned in the main office as well as in the regions with tips in writing a clear, concise and effective news stories.

He also encouraged the Information officers to explore and write in different approaches. As long as the basis newswriting is observed. He recommended on writing news feature to make it less time bound and more appealing to the readers and to avoid monotony of the articles that are being published.

“Focus on varied ways in writing your news lead. ECC should likewise bank on the news features because the stories you produce are brimming with human appeal,” said Rubio.

“It was a refreshing experience. It made my previously-learned skill in literary writing in check,” said newly-hired information officer of Region 12, kaye Daga.

When asked about the best part of four training modules, Yvette Bonavente of Region 5 highlighted how the importance of writing lead and headline captured her interest the most.

Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis said that, “We are Defined by the benefits we provided and the services we render to persons with work related disabilities (PWRDs) and all of these must be given life in article we published. Our regional officers represent our commitment to our stakeholders in the regions. Thus, it is very important for them to be armed with good skills in facing our clients, our partners and our fellow public servants.”


Regional information officers undergo values development and professionalism enhancement seminar

The regional information officers of the Employees’ Compensation Commission recently participated in a training session on value development and professionalism with the Inquirer Academy at the ECC Board Room.

Topics discussed included the importance of individual character in forming a culture of professionalism where intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, personality types and behaviors of individual were highlighted as it influence how an organization foster a positive workplace environment. The training stressed on the importance of self-awareness in relation to dealing with co-workers and clients, where accountability of one’s action influence how a successful transaction within an organization would turn out.

Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis said that ECC’s regional officers deal with people from all walks of life, from employees to company owners and executives. Thus, the importance of professionalism is paramount in dealing with them.

“Developing and practicing being a professional help project the image of the ECC’s branding to clients that it is an organization that’s ready to reach out and give assistance to persons with work related disabilities (PWRDs) in the most efficient and organized manner while maintaining the values of empathy and integrity,” Banawis added

One of the biggest lessons that the regional officers learnt during the training session was having the will and commitment to do one’s best over having the skill to do something, that policies and procedures of the ECC will only be lifeless transactional dealings with clients and colleagues if the core values of empathy, accountability and responsibility are not practiced on a daily basis