Pensioners of the Employees’ Compensation Program in the private sector whose areas were declared under the state of calamity by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council due to typhoon Lando can avail of advance 3 months EC pension.

Employees’ Compensation Commission Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis said that this is possible because of the approval of Board Resolution No. 14-07-21 last 28 July 2014 that grants advance 3-month pension to all EC pensioners in case the NDRRMC declares the areas where they reside under the state of calamity.

“The EC calamity assistance aims to provide immediate financial aid to EC pensioners whose areas were greatly affected by a calamity. We understand that the misfortune left most of the victims without any house to live in nor clothes to wear. This is to afford them support to properly address their pressing needs like temporary shelter, food and clothing to restore their lives from the calamity that struck them,” Banawis explained.

Board Resolution No. 14-07-21 also states that the ECC may extend the number of months of advance pension depending on the extent of the damage to lives and properties in the affected areas.

The SSS has already prepared guidelines in the implementation of granting the advance 3-month pension. EC pensioners who are victims of typhoon Lando may go to any SSS branch nearest to their place of residence to avail the advance 3-month pension.