1. Development and Review of Policies on the Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP).
    This entails development and review of policies and procedures for the improvement of the ECP such as increase of benefits and/or expands the coverage of the ECP.
  2. Rehabilitation of the Persons with Work-Related Disability (PWRDs) Program
    The main objective is to facilitate the integration of PWRDs into the economic mainstream of society through the following programs and projects:

    1. ECC-Quick Response to PWRDs
      This project aims to provide immediate assistance to workers or their families in the event of major work accidents or outbreak of occupational diseases at the workplace. The ECC intervention includes psycho-social counseling services, medical help and assistance in the filing of the necessary claims with the System.
    2. KAGABAY Project
      “Katulong at Gabay sa Manggagawang May Kapansanan” or KaGaBay is an assistance project to PWRDs which provides vocational skills and entrepreneurial training and other assistance that will allow PWRDs to find employment or self-employment.
    3. Physical Restoration of PWRDs
      An assistance project to facilitate the provision of ECC-funded rehabilitation services like physical therapy, occupational therapy and provision of rehabilitation appliances.
    4. Job Placement Facilitation
      This involves assistance to PWRDs and/or their children to find employment or re-employment
    5. Prevention Program in the Workplace
      This project aims to promote health and protection of workers in the workplaces by raising the employers and workers awareness on the value of adopting and observing appropriate preventive measures.
  3. ECP Information Dissemination Services
    This program is designed to increase public awareness on the Employees Compensation Program (ECP). The projects under this program are:

    1. Development/Updating/Reproduction of IEC Materials
      This project ensures that reader-friendly ECP materials are continually developed. This involves three important activities, namely: (1) Development and printing of information materials such as flyers, posters, ads, audio visual presentation materials and other related information; (2) Publication of The ECC Reporter designed to inform ECC publics of the latest on employees’ compensation policies, case decisions, OSH research findings on work contingency prevention and others; and (3) Re-printing and distribution of existing IEC materials.
    2. Intensification of Information Dissemination on the ECP through Quad-Media
      This project includes publication of press releases in broadsheets, tabloids and regional papers, airing of infomercials on radio, television and the like as well as linkages with radio and TV networks for participation in public affairs programs/interviews, distribution of IEC materials to ECC clients (notably flyers explaining the ECP, how to file EC claims at the SSS and GSIS, various projects of the ECC such as the KaGaBay Program) and the publication of The ECC Reporter.
    3. Intensification of Information Dissemination on the ECP through Seminars, Training and One-on-One Services
      This involves the conduct of seminars/lectures on the ECP and OSH right at the workplaces in coordination with the employers and the employees’ unions. Target participants of ECP seminars/lectures are rank and file workers, labor union representatives and human resource officers. Another important project is the Public Assistance Center (PAC) which is designed to provide personalized assistance/information to walk-in clients on how and where to file EC claim or the follow-up of the status of their claims pending at the SSS or GSIS or at the ECC and other related matters. PAC is located at the ECC ground floor for this purpose and was operationalized since 2005.