General Administrative Support Services (GASS)
The programs, projects and activities implemented to support the operations are essential to achieve the ECC target performance for any given year. These are the following:

  1. Technical Support for Policy/Program Development
    The projects under this are the following:

    1. Compendium of EC Claims Statistics
      The objective is to develop a compendium of EC claims statistics which will serve as a basis for policy formulation, program development, effective planning, PPAs review and improvement, and the day-to-day decision making.
    2. Conduct of Research Studies as Inputs to Policy Formulation
      This involves the conduct of necessary researches/studies on ECP in support of policy formulation or program development/improvement.
    3. Conduct of Agency-Wide Planning Activities
      This involves the planning and programming of all programs and activities to be undertaken by the agency for the year through a conduct of a corporate planning session which includes the review and assessment of programs and project achievements for the reporting year. The result of performance review and assessment serve as input to the formulation of Agency Action Plan for the following year. The agency performance is measured through a set of target indicators that are regularly monitored through the monthly and quarterly reports prepared by each Division. The conduct of a Mid-Year Performance Assessment (MYPA) the agency enables to the agency assess its first semester performance and reformulate actions and targets for the rest of the year.
    4. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services
      The Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP) serves as the framework for the computerization projects of the ECC. For effective information management, the Plan documents the procedures and the required budget for the procurement of new ICT equipment, development of information systems, rehabilitation and enhancement of network systems and infrastructure, and the upgrading of existing ICT resources, maintenance of ECC website and ICT trainings.
    5. Quality Management System Compliant to ISO 9001:2008
      This is to ensure a common sense approach to the management programs, projects and activities of the agency in order to continually improve the services and meet the needs of its customers and other stakeholders.
    6. Implementation of Gender and Development Plan
      This is in support of the government’s advocacy in mainstreaming of gender and development in all government programs and projects.
  2. Finance Services
    Financial management’s objectives are: (1) to improve the financial records and journals reporting system, (2) comply with the requirements of the Commission on Audit and other government agencies like GSIS, PAGIBIG, BIR, Bureau of Treasury, DBM and DOLE; and (3) the processing of valid claims/billings/vouchers within the day from receipt of document. The budget management’s objectives are: (1) the preparation of annual ECC Corporate Operating Budget; (2) monitoring of loading fund requests; (3) the submission of ECC fund status report to the DOLE; and (4) cashiering services.
  3. Human Resource, General and Administrative Services
    This program covers the efficient and effective delivery of administrative support to operations like development of effective system of maintaining the personal files/records, issuances of office orders, memorandum and other official reports and communications, management of records, the procurement of equipment and office supplies requirements, property management, building maintenance services and other related matters.

  4. Internal Audit Unit
    The aim of this program is the continuous review and improvement of existing work processes/systems and work procedures for the different programs and projects of the Commission for a more effective and efficient public service delivery as well as financial and compliance audit to ascertain the accuracy, integrity and authenticity of accounting data and to test the compliance with accounting procedures, prescribed applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  5. Technical Support for Board Concerns
    This program covers the efficient and effective provision of secretarial and clerical assistance to the Board on the performance of the function of the office.
  6. Secretarial Support for Executive Director/Deputy Executive Director
    This program covers the efficient and effective provision of secretarial and clerical assistance to the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director on the performance of the function of the office.