On July 8, 2013, Employees’ Compensation Commission hosted the planning meeting relative to the 1-day seminar workshop on Tuberculosis prevention and control in the workplace.

The meeting was attended by Atty. Benjo Santos Benavidez, Assistant Regional Director of the DOLE NCR, Dr. Daryll Bautista of the OSHC, Dr. Marco Valeros of the Bureau of Working Conditions, Roberto Belchez of the DOH-CHD, NCR, Dr. Sarah Concepcion and Dr. Raymond Banaga, both representatives of the ECC.

The meeting is in line with the aim of the Comprehensive Unified Policy (CUP), under Executive Order No. 187 of 2003 and the Department Order 73-05 issued by the DOLE entitled, ‘Guidelines for the Implementation of Policy and Program on Tuberculosis Prevention and Control in the Workplace’. It intends to harmonize workplace health policies and programs in areas of development, collaboration, implementation, compliance and monitoring.

Tuberculosis, both pulmonary and extra-pulmonary, is one of the top causes of Employees’ Compensation claims in the country. This data prompted the need to have a unified implementation of TB prevention and control, particularly, on the following aspects: (a) information relative to the disease; (b) case detection, referral, and treatment; (c) compliance with Occupational Safety and Health and Labor Standards; (d) tools for inspection and monitoring; and (e) best practices suitable for small, medium, or large enterprises.

The target participants of the said seminar-workshop, which will be scheduled within the year, will be employers, workers, and government agencies. The workshop has the end in view of producing and developing a standard TB prevention and control policies in every workplace.