1 – MEDICAL OFFICER IV (Anticipated Vacancy)
Plantilla Item No.: 33
Salary Grade: 23
Monthly Salary: PHP 73,811.00 + PHP 2,000.00 (PERA)
Education: Doctor of Medicine
Training: 4 Hours Relevant Training
Experience: 1 Year Relevant Experience
Eligibility: R.A. 1080
Place of Assignment: ECC Head Office Makati

Ability to build a network of reciprocal, high trust, synergetic working relationship within the organization and across the government and relevant sectors. This involves the ability to leverage and maximize opportunities for strategic influencing within the organization and with external stakeholders.
CREATING AND NURTURING A HIGH PERFORMING ORGANIZATION (Basic): Ability to create a high performing organizational culture that is purpose-driven, results-based, client-focused, and team-oriented.
THINKING STRATEGICALLY AND CREATIVELY (Basic): Ability to “see the big picture,” think multi-dimensionally, craft innovative solutions, identify connections between situations or things that are not obviously related, and come up with new ideas and different ways to enhance organizational effectiveness and responsiveness.

Ability to understand the needs of the beneficiary patient; provides personalized care that is responsive to his/her preferences and beliefs and reflects an understanding of his/her environment, including home life, social background, job, family relationships, culture, and other factors.
GOVERNMENT AND DEPARTMENTAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES (Expert): Ability to understand and apply knowledge of government and departmental statutes, regulations, policies, and procedures.
RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS (Expert): Ability to demonstrate knowledge and application of terminology, tools, tactics, principles and practices for the successful implementation of a plan.
RISK MANAGEMENT (Expert): Ability to plan, develop, and implement measures that will avoid, overcome or compensate for elements of risk.
TECHNICAL CONSULTING (Expert): Ability to provide expertise, technical guidance and training to ensure projects and operations are carried out effectively.
TECHNICAL WRITING (Expert): Ability to write useful, relevant and accurate information on a particular occupational field where body of knowledge, complex ideas, concepts, processes or procedures need to be communicated. Geared to a specifically target audience in order to enable a set of actions on the part of the audience in pursuit of a defined goal.


Plantilla Item No.:
Salary Grade: 18
Monthly Salary: PHP 40,637.00 + PHP 2,000.00 (PERA)
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, Journalism, English or other related courses
Training: 8 Hours of Relevant Training preferably in RA 9184
Experience: 2 years of experience in conducting seminars, news writing and public relations
Eligibility: CS Professional or 2nd Level Eligibility
Place of Assignment: ECC Head Office Makati
Ability to create/compose written communication in clear, concise, and coherent manner. This includes memorandum, minutes of the meeting, correspondence/business letters, proposals, policies, guidelines or procedures, briefing materials, manuals, and other similar documents.
JOURNALISTIC WRITING (Advance): Ability to effectively gather news, conduct interactive interviews, write news/stories, and disseminate important news, information and updates to enhance the public image of ECC.
MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS (Advance): Ability to promote ECC to various public and media outlets through various means of communication.
MESSAGE DEVELOPMENT AND DELIVERY (Advance): Ability to strategically develop messages for various audiences and effectively deliver them by evaluating the most appropriate media channel/s for the particular needs of its target audience.
PRESENTING AND SPEAKING SKILLS (Advance): Ability to deliver presentation/speaking engagement to varied audiences in public or within the organization by effectively communicating topic contents, concepts, knowledge, and information through verbal communication.
TRAINING PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION (Advance): Ability to promote individual and organizational development through planning, designing, and managing employee development and training programs/services.


Plantilla Item No.:
Salary Grade: 18
Monthly Salary: PHP 40,637.00 + PHP 2,000.00 (PERA)
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Training: 8 Hours of Relevant Training preferably in RA 9184
Experience: 2 Years of Relevant Experience, working knowledge of government procurement is an advantage
Eligibility: CS Professional or 2nd Level Eligibility
Place of Assignment: ECC Head Office Makati
PROCUREMENT, PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT (Advance): Ability to manage the process of acquiring goods and services necessary for the performance of the Commission’s mandate and goals complying with the requirements of RA 9184.|
EQUIPMENT, MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES MANAGEMENT (Advance): Ability to advise, review and coordinate the acquisition, loan, transfer and disposal of accountable property items per RA 9184 regulations and ECC property policies and procedures, and the ECC acquisition and property management processes.
COMPUTER LITERACY (Advance): Ability to demonstrate understanding of computers and use of software applications utilized by the Commission to increase productivity and effective flow of work.

Interested and qualified applicants should signify their interest in writing. Attach the following documents to the application letter and send to the address below not later than 10 June 2019.

  1. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) and Work Experience Sheet which can be downloaded at csc.gov.ph;
  2. Performance rating in the present position for one (1) year (For Government Employees Only);
  3. Photocopy of certificate of eligibility/rating/license; and
  4. Photocopy of Transcript of Records.

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to hand in or send through courier/email their application to:

Ms. Stella Zipagan-Banawis
Executive Director
4th and 5th Floors, ECC Bldg. 355 Sen. Gil Puyat. Ave., Makati City
[email protected]



 “ECC is an equal opportunity employer. All employment is decided on the applicants’ qualifications, merit, and fitness to the position applied for. ECC does not tolerate discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, or any other basis covered by applicable laws.”