Aldrin Ojastro, a seaman who met an accident while on board an ocean-going vessel recently received benefits under the ECC KaGabay Program. The program provides a special economic assistance for occupationally-disabled worker (ODWs) who lost employment by reason of work-related sickness or injury.

Ojastro worked as a pump-man at Stolt Nielsen Inc. for twelve years before he met an accident on board the vessel.  The accident caused him severe back pain so he had to stop working. He was given an EC temporary total disability (TTD) benefit and later became a KaGabay beneficiary. As such, he was given an entrepreneurial course on Goat Raising at Nego-Skwela.

Ojastro put up a business on goat rising where he started with three pairs of goat. Recently, the KaGabay team conducted a home visit and witnessed the success of Ojastro’s business.  He was able to increase the number of goats from 3 pairs to 50 goats. Now, he is planning to increase his business by buying more goats and hire additional helpers.

Despite his disability, Ojastro was determined to start his life all over again and to take every opportunity that can be provided by the ECC KaGabay program.