1 – Bookkeeper III

Employment Status: Permanent
Plantilla Item No.: 30
Job Grade: 7
Monthly Salary: PHP 21,129 + 2,000 PERA
Education: Completion of 2 years studies in college
Training: 8 hours of relevant training
Experience: 2 years of relevant experience
Eligibility: Career Service (SubProfessional)/1st Level Eligibility
Place of Assignment: ECC Head Office – Makati




Ability to use logical, systematic reasoning, to understand, analyze and resolve problems.

  1. Identifies the cause-and-effect relationship between two aspects of a situation
  2. Separates situations into two parts: pros and cons
  3. Sorts out a list of tasks in order of importance
  4. Demonstrates the ability to determine if data gathered are accurate and meet stated objectives

INITIATIVE (Intermediate)

Ability to do things on his/her own with strong predisposition to improve results and create opportunities.

  1. Takes action without being asked or required to do so
  2. Confronts problems early and determines appropriate actions
  3. Demonstrates self-starting qualities in relation to any objective or task set
  4. Independently plans and executes own work to ensure completion of individual objectives


Ability to exemplify high standards of professional behavior as public servants, adhering to ethical as well as moral principles, values and standards of public office.

  1. Demonstrates trustworthiness by protecting sensitive or confidential information, following required procedures
  2. Seeks guidance from immediate superiors on how to improve performance
  3. Provides guidance on operations and technical issues to staff to ensure accurate and timely production of outcome or results
  4. Manifests positive disposition despite heavy workload, working hours or unusual challenges encountered in the workplace


Ability to receive and convey ideas, instructions, and information by using appropriate language, method and manner to ensure the audience understands the message and takes necessary action.

  1. Probes to understand unexpressed or poorly expressed thoughts, concerns or feelings
  2. Reads body language and other non-verbal cues accurately and uses that understanding to structure and give appropriate responses
  3. Provides adequate, accurate and relevant information to stakeholders within and outside the organization


Ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with others; notices and accurately interprets what others are feeling; shows understanding, tact empathy, courtesy, concern, and politeness.

  1. Cooperates and works to gain support and commitment from others when performing tasks
  2. Recognizes and manages difficult relationships
  3. Demonstrates an ability to understand and interpret individuals’ concerns, motives and feelings, and recognizes strengths and limitations of others
  4. Promotes commitment and loyalty among people in the organization
  5. Accepts and evaluates feedback of associates and stakeholders


            Ability to understand and operate within formal and informal structures of an organization, and recognize the impact of external trends and influence on organizational functioning.

  1. Uses informal structures; can identify decision makers and influencers
  2. Effectively uses both formal and informal channels or networks for acquiring information, assistance and accomplishing work goals


Ability to set priorities, identify scope and allocate human, financial, and logistical requirements to meet individual, team or organization’s targets and objectives.

  1. Efficiently executes and completes projects within set standards with no wasted resources, ahead of time, etc.
  2. Delegates tasks fairly and considering others’ workloads and capability
  3. Regularly reviews overall work schedules to ensure performance targets are met
  4. Uses simple tools or methods to delineate project tasks, and identifies responsible staff, schedule, resources, and time frame based on project plan


Ability to demonstrate a proficient level of professional skill and/or knowledge in accounting and keep current with general (government) accounting trends, practices, taxation laws, rules and regulations.

  1. a) Adopts government accounting policies, budgeting, COA regulations, procedures, processes, and general laws in the provision of accounting services in the Commission
  2. b) Summarizes data on various aspects of accounting to form bases for management decision
  3. c) Verifies and validates compliance with accounting principles, interpretation of COA rules, updated circular of DBM, COA and other relevant government issuance
  4. d) Adopts and adheres to accounting principles, outstanding policies, procedures, processes, laws and regulations in the performance of work related to the maintenance of subsidiary ledgers, reconciliation of accounts, preparation of schedules of various accounts for the financial statements.


Ability to demonstrate understanding of computers and use of software applications utilized by the Commission to increase productivity and effective flow of work.

  1. a) Creates and uses new templates, forms, and style sheets to make documents
  2. b) Designs slide presentations with enhanced features using essential MS Office functions such as adding text, images and charts, creating animations and effect transitions
  3. c) Writes e-mail messages in accordance with established business standards (e.g. grammar, word usage, spelling, sentence structure, clarity)
  4. d) Navigates within a web site and/or uses search engine (e.g. Google, Google maps) to find information


Ability to establish a system of procedures in recording and safekeeping of documented information for ease of storage and retrieval.

  1. Adapts records management standards, including government policies on period of retention and best practices, effectively in the institutional context
  2. Applies range of records management tools and techniques

Interested and qualified applicants should signify their interest in writing. Attach the following documents to the application letter and send a scanned copy in PDF format to the email address below not later than 15 April 2023.

  1. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) and Work Experience Sheet which can be downloaded at;
  2. Performance rating in the present position for one (1) year (For Government Employees Only);
  3. Photocopy of certificate of eligibility/rating/license; and

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to send through email their application to:
Engr. Jose Maria S. Batino
OIC, Executive Director
4th and 5th Floors, ECC Bldg. 355 Sen. Gil Puyat. Ave., Makati City
[email protected]


“ECC is an equal employment opportunity employer. All employment is decided on the applicants’ qualifications, merit, and fitness to the position applied for. ECC does not tolerate discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, or any other basis covered by applicable laws.”