Ninety-five employees of four major lending companies gathered at the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) building in Maasin City to attend a lecture regarding the Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP). Through a convergence program with the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB), the activity highlighted the several aspects of employees’ welfare, labor and management cooperation and industrial peace.

During the discussion, it was underscored that workers with employee-employer relationship are entitled to receive loss of income, medical, death and funeral benefits, carer’s allowance, and rehabilitation services under the ECP in the event of work-related sickness, injury or death.

ECC Regional Information Officer, Michelle Basal emphasized that every employer must keep a logbook to chronologically record the sickness, injury or death of their employees containing the names of the employees, dates, place and nature of contingency and the number of days that the employee was unable to work. The same shall be submitted to the SSS for private sector and GSIS for the government sector as a documentary requirement in the processing of EC benefit claims.

However, Basal stressed that the mere absence of the logbook shall not result to the suspension of the evaluation of the claim. Nevertheless, in case the employer fails to record or maintain a logbook on the actual sickness, injury or death of his employees within the prescribed period under the EC law, sanctions shall be imposed.

“The Employees’ Compensation Commission is steadfast in bringing closer our services and programs to every Filipino worker. Employees may visit our regional offices for more information about the ECP. Our regional officers are more than willing to accommodate them,” said ECC Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis.

According to Banawis, the establishment of the fourteen regional extension units has been a great help in the pursuit of the ECC to make sure that all workers are informed of their rights and benefits under the Employees’ Compensation Program.


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End./Mitch Basal