The Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) thru its Information and Public Assistance Division (IPAD) conducted 130 lectures, benefiting a total of 6,069 participants, nationwide from January to December 2011, exceeding set targets for the year by 27% and CY 2010 actual number of lectures conducted by 23%.

The ECC has been actively pursuing its advocacy seminars thru its monthly in-house seminars and ECP advocacy seminars in the regions. The monthly in-house seminars are conducted at the ECC multi-purpose hall with human resource officers, administrative officers, owners of establishments or their representatives and union representatives as target participants. The ECC has been concentrating the conduct of its awareness drive on companies or industries with low awareness on the EC Program. The ECP advocacy seminar, on the other hand, is conducted in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Regional Offices. It is conducted in three or four regions per year with more than 100 to 200 participants comprising of human resource officers, administrative officers, owners of companies and union representatives

Company and agency heads of private and public institutions in Metro Manila and the regions may request a resource speaker from the ECC to present and discuss the EC Program to their employees. The ECC likewise actively participates as resource speaker in various Occupational, Safety and Health trainings particularly the Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) Training Courses and Construction Safety Trainings (CST). The ECC also participates in the DOLE Orientation Course on Technical Assistance and Advisory Services for Entrepreneurs. The said seminar mandates the prioritization of assistance and enhancement efforts for small and micro enterprises including the Barangay Micro Business Enterprises to improve the quality of their products/services and build their capacities in meeting the goals of government promotion, workers protection and eventual compliance with labor standards.

For CY 2011, 130 employees’ compensation program lectures were conducted by the Information and Public Assistance staff benefitting a total of 6,069 participants comprising mostly of human resource officers and union representatives nationwide.

Through the various trainings and seminars conducted, employers and workers are informed of their rights, benefits and privileges under the Employees’ Compensation Program.

Below is the tentative schedule of the ECP internal and external trainings for CY 2012.

January 17 In-house seminar (Primarily for overseas manning agencies representatives –HMO’s, Adm. Officers, Owners) ECC Multipurpose Hall
January 23-27 BOSH Region 7-Cebu (Perpetual Succour)
January 23-27 CST Region 5 (Naga City, Camarines Sur)
January 31-Feb. 4 CST Region 1,Cauayan City, Isabela
January 30-Feb. 3 BOSH Quezon City
February 6-10 BOSH Region 10, CDO (Coca-Cola)
February 6-10 BOSH Region 1,La Union
February 13-17 BOSH Quezon City
February 20-24 CST Quezon City
February 21 In-house seminar (Primarily for wholesale and retail trade- low awareness) ECC Multipurpose Hall
March 5-9 CST Region 8, Ormoc City, Leyte
March 5-9 BOSH Region 2
March 12-16 CST Region 12, Gen. Santos City
March 19-23 BOSH CAR
March 19-23 CST Quezon City
March 20 In-house seminar (Transport Industries)

CDO In-house seminar

ECC Multipurpose Hall

CDO-DOLE-OSHC  Multi-purpose  room

March 26-30 BOSH Quezon City
March 26-30 BOSH Region 3
March 26-30 CST Region 9, Pagadian City
March 29 ECP Advocacy Seminar RO-3 Clark
April 16-20 CST Quezon City
April 17 In-house seminar (Telecommunication Industries/hospital) ECC Multipurpose Hall
April 23-27 BOSH Region 12, Gen. Santos City
May 7-11 BOSH Quezon City
May 14-18 CST Quezon City
May 15 In-house seminar (Business Process Outsourcing) ECC Multipurpose Hall
May 21-25 CST Region 8, Ormoc
May 24 ECP Advocacy Seminar RO5-Legazpi
May 28-June 1 BOSH Region 4B
June 4-8 BOSH Region 10
June 18-22 BOSH Quezon City
June 19 In-house seminar (Manufacturing) ECC Multipurpose Hall
June 21-25 CST Region 8, Ormoc
June 28 ECP Advocacy Seminar RO 13-Caraga-Butuan
July 17 In-house seminar (Hotel Industries) ECC Multipurpose Hall
August 14 In-house seminar (Schools/universities/educational institutions) ECC Multipurpose Hall
August 23 ECP Advocacy Seminar RO2-Tuguegarao
September 18 Trainor’s training

CDO In-house seminar

ECC Multipurpose Hall

CDO-DOLE-OSHC Multi-purpose room

October 2 In-house seminar (Domestic Maritime Industries) ECC Multipurpose Hall
October 23 In-house seminar (Fishing industries – low awareness) ECC Multipurpose Hall
November 15 ECP Advocacy seminar RO 11 Davao City
November 20 In-house seminar (Manufacturing Industries) ECC Multipurpose Hall