CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The Employees’ Compensation Commission-Regional Extension Unit X (ECC-REU 10) awarded a total of ₱5,260,000.00 in cash assistance to 514 private and public sector workers in Northern Mindanao and neighboring provinces under the Employees’ Compensation (EC) Program in 2022.

Among the 514 claimants, 136 are private sector employees and 378 are public sector employees. Majority of the beneficiaries are medical workers. 86% of claims were Covid19 cases, while 14% were non-Covid related, such as work injuries, occupational diseases, and uniformed personnel wounded or killed in action. 490 of them were able to receive ₱10,000.00 cash assistance, while the remaining 24 applicants, who received 15,000.00 each, are qualified beneficiaries of an employee or uniformed personnel who died in the line of duty.

ECC currently only accepts cash assistance applications for non-Covid19 cases as it is still processing the remaining 2021 batch of Covid19 claims.

The EC Program provides benefits to private and public sector workers and/or their families in the event of work-connected sickness, injury, or death. The additional cash assistance amounting to ₱10,000.00 – ₱15,000.00 is a special project of ECC’s Quick Response Program (QRP) which aims to provide additional financial support to qualified workers and/or their families. This is in addition to the EC initial benefits, particularly EC sickness, disability, and death benefits, that are filed and claimed at the Social Security System (SSS) and in the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), ECC’s administering agencies in the private and public sector, respectively.


S. Obice – REU10