There are six Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) programs that clients can look forward to in 2012. These are the following:

1. Fast Track Disposition of EC Claims for Work-Connected Contingencies.
  1. ECC shall ensure that claims shall be evaluated by its administering agencies, the GSIS and the SSS within 5-10 working days from submission of complete documents pursuant to ECC Board Resolution No. 10-09-115, series of 2010. This shall be done through:
    – Regular monthly consultation meetings with the main offices and regional/provincial branches of the SSS and GSIS to thresh out concerns on the Employees’ Compensation Implementing Rules and Regulation and clarify issues for the early settlement of claims and prompt payment of income benefits.
  2. Continue to dispose all appealed cases within 40 days from submission of complete documents.
2. Increase the Number of Beneficiaries to ECC Programs through Heightened Awareness of Employees Compensation Programs. This shall be done through:
  1. Deployment of ECC officers at the Medical and Evaluation Section of selected SSS branches in order to promote the Katulong at Gabay ng Manggagawang may Kapansanan orKaGabay Program by assisting qualified occupationally disabled workers (ODWs) to participate and enrol in the program. The Kagabay program provides rehabilitation services such as physical restoration through therapy and provision of prosthesis, as well as livelihood and skills training for ODWs.
  2. Inclusion of ECC membership information in the present SSS and GSIS initial membership application form and other forms inorder to create early and continuing awareness of the program among members. Meantime that such amendment in the forms is not yet instituted, ECC flyers shall be made available to all clients of SSS and GSIS.
  3. The ECC through its Quick Response Program shall collaborate with regional offices and the BWC inorder to secure real time data on work connected accidents inorder to be able to provide fast services to ODWs.
  4. Increase public awareness on the EC Program through a joint media campaign with OSHC.
3. Pursue a job search facilitation program for ODWs and their family members through coordination with DOLE regional offices, BLE, POEA, implementation of SPES, participation in job fairs, among others.
4. Enhance the Existing Benefits for Work Connected Contingencies
  1. Request for actuarial studies with endview to :
    1. remove the disparity between benefits for government and private sector EC members particularly the provision with caregiver’s allowance by SSS and none by GSIS; funeral benefits provided by GSIS is P3,000 compared to P10,000 provided by SSS; temporary total disability (TTD) maximum benefits of P90 from GSIS and P200 from SSS.
    2. lift the existing suspension on the provision of survivor’s pension after 5 years of availment
    3. Increase the existing work-connected disability compensation.
5. Create ECC regional extension units in 15 regions nationwide in line with the ECC’s thrust to make its presence felt in the regions
6. Strongly lobby for the passage of PhilWorCs which will pave a way for a new agency that will merge the EC functions of SSS and GSIS and administer/ manage the SIF funds for the workers with work-connected contingencies