President Benigno S. Aquino III issued Executive Order No. 134 on “Granting of Carer’s Allowance to Employees’ Compensation (EC) Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) and Permanent Total Disability (PTD) Pensioners in the Public Sector,” upon recognizing the need to provide additional financial assistance to EC pensioners in the public sector.

The Executive Order provides for an amount of five hundred seventy five pesos (P575.00) per month to EC PPD or PTD pensioner suffering from a work-related contingency.

The issuance aims to equalize the EC benefits granted to the public sector with that of the private sector workers who suffered from work-related disability. As shown in the GSIS actuarial studies, the GSIS-managed State Insurance Fund (SIF) can finance the above amount without requiring additional contributions from the EC members.

The ECC, under P.D. 626 as amended, has the authority, among others, to upgrade benefits and grant new ones, subject to the approval of the President, provided that the actuarial stability of the State Insurance Fund shall be guaranteed, and such increases in the benefit shall not require any increase in the EC contributions.