Employees of the Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) participated at the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Human Resource Division’s seminar on Revised Strategic Performance Management System (SMPS) and Integrated Guidelines on Scholarship and Training Program on August 22, 2019 at the ECC Multi-Purpose Hall.

Fifty (50) ECC employees were present in the seminar which is part of the DOLE-HRD’s initiative for all its attached agencies to apply the Prime Human Resource Management (Prime HRM). Prime HRM is a Civil Service Commission’s program used to institutionalize meritocracy and excellence for human resource management, rewards recognition, recruitment selection placement, and learning development and performance management which were the two focal points of the seminar.

Head of DOLE’s Training and Scholarship of Staff Development Cristina Gali discussed the Training and Development Scholarships which open opportunities for certain employees who want to gain additional knowledge through local trainings and local or foreign scholarships.

Under the said program are Regular and Common Training Programs, Management Succession Program, DOLE Educational Support Program, Education, Foreign Scholarships, Job-Enrichment Program, and Career Professional Development Program which are open to all qualified employees.

The seminar stirred discussions among the employees as they showed interest in the program. Allan Abanilla, ECC employee said, “It is very important not just for me but for all of us to further our knowledge and skills not just to gain professional and career development but also to better the quality of service that we give to our clients.”

Meanwhile, the head of the Performance Evaluation, Training and Research Edelwina Peregrino of the DOLE highlighted the Performance Management Process thru planning and commitment, monitoring and coaching, review and evaluation, and rewarding and development planning for the employees.

She also presented some revisions on the necessary assessment forms for the respective performances based on the guidelines being implemented by the Civil Service Commission. She urged the ECC Human Resources Division to follow the said revisions which are based on the quantity/efficiency, quality/effectiveness and the timeliness of the work performed.

Besides the said revisions, Peregrino emphasized that constant employee coaching, above all measures set, is still the most crucial and effective way to help address work-related concerns with the employees.

ECC Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis expressed commitment to Prime HRM as it is essential to achieve a more effective government service.

Banawis also showed her support for the qualified ECC employees who want to avail of the trainings and scholarship programs. “We are happy that the national government continues to offer these programs. Our employees should grab opportunities like this as it gives them a better understanding of the job that they do, and most importantly, more reasons why they do it,” she said.

Reporting by Carlo Katigbak