To equip the employees of the Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) with the basic concepts about the Cyber and Information Security, the Policy, Programs and Systems Management Division (PPSMD) IT personnel initiated a one-day in-house seminar at the ECC Multi-purpose Hall in Makati City on May 31, 2023.

The PPSMD IT team served as the resource speakers. They discussed the fundamentals and importance of cyber and information security in the context of the organization and in relation to ECC’s data management and security.

ECC OIC-Executive Director Engr. Jose Maria S. Batino said, “This seminar is an important reminder to all of us to keep our safeguards in place in all our online activities either be it work-related or personal.

To protect the employees and individuals from any potential threats of cyber-attacks, the IT team broke down a number of security measures that employees need to maintain on their devices. Among others, everyone was advised to use different log-in credentials on their social media accounts and other internet-based applications instead of having a singular log-in credential for all personal social media accounts.

Moreover, ECC employees were also informed to avoid visiting unverified websites to avoid being a target or victim of common cyber threats that would compromise their personal data particularly those relating to their financial accounts.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the DOs and DONTs in the online community especially now that online crimes are prevalent and everyone is vulnerable to become a target of these criminals,” said Exequiel Ivan Uriel Mariñas, of the ECC Information and Public Assistance Division.

C. Katigbak – CO