The Employees’ Compensation Commission, an attached agency of the Department of Labor and Employment, conducted a 1-day tree planting activity at Kapatalan, Sinoloan, Laguna on July 12, 2013.

This activity is in line with the DENR National Greening Program (NGP), a massive forest rehabilitation program of the government which seeks to grow 1.5 billion trees in 1.5 million hectares nationwide. The NGP also aims to alleviate poverty by providing alternative livelihood activities for marginalized upland and lowland households through seedling production and maintenance of newly-planted trees.

There were forty-eight (48) eager ECC employees who participated in this activity. They left the ECC Makati office before sunrise to avoid the heavy rush-hour traffic in the Metro. Upon arriving at the designated venue, they immediately scouted the place, passing through rocky, muddy, and shrubby pathways, braving the erratic weather condition during the time, to find a perfect area where to plant the seedlings.

An ECC employee commented that, “this activity brings a positive perspective that someday these seedlings may grow into big trees of life.” At the end of the tiring effort, the ECC employees went back to their respective places of abode with an intangible altruistic feeling in their hearts and minds.