The Employees’ Compensation Commission ensures assistance for all frontline workers who suffered from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)  by reason of their employment. 

Frontline workers include, but are not limited to,  healthcare workers,  protective service workers like the uniformed personnel of the AFP and the PNP,  cashiers and crews in grocery or stores providing essential products,  production and food processing workers, janitors and maintenance workers, and truck drivers involved in the transport of essential goods.

The Employees’ Compensation Program provides a package of benefits for public and private sector employees and their families in the event of work-connected sickness, injury or death.

The ECP benefits provided to workers who contracted COVID-19 by reason of their employment or working environment include loss of income benefits, medical benefits and cash assistance, while a funeral benefit amounting to Php30,000 plus death benefits, is given to the family of an employee who dies because of the virus.

COVID-19 is declared a global pandemic with a worldwide total cases of 7 million+, confirmed deaths of 402,000 thousand and 3.4 million+ recoveries as of June 8, 2020.

On the same date, the Philippine COVID-19 Tracker revealed 21,895 confirmed cases with 1,003 deaths and 4,530 recoveries.

Amidst the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the ECC continuous to enhance  awareness on the ECP benefits and services  thru posting reminders and program contents on its Fb page,  airing of radio plugs at RMN stations nationwide and a regular radio program at DZRH, which are aired in all DZRH AM Stations; Aksyon  Radyo in General Santos, Laoag and Cebu; Channel 8 of Digibox in Bacolod, Channel 15 in Cebu,  Channel 8 in Iloilo City plus over 700 local cable operators nationwide.

“Frontliners are our silent modern day heroes who deserve to be served. Hence, we commit to reach those workers afflicted with COVID-19 or their survivors and extend  assistance to them. Almost all our ECC offices nationwide are open to serve the public,” said Director  Banawis. “Also, we encourage everyone to continue wearing a face mask or face covering in public, maintain social distancing and abide with the government rules to help flatten the curve.”