Police Officer 1 Emmanwel Dagsan was wounded on his right thigh during the encounter between the PNP and NPA in Sagada on March 29, 2014.

He was rushed to Baguio General Hospital and needed an intensive treatment which involved orthopaedic surgery.

Upon learning about the incident, the Employees’ Compensation Commission-Quick Response Team of CAR visited Dagsan while he was still confined at the hospital.

At the time of the visit, Dagsan’s movement was limited as his leg was on traction and he had an overhead trapeze which he could utilize in moving his upper body.

He was, however, optimistic that he could still go back to work in due time.

The ECC-QRT informed Dagsan that as a uniformed personnel, he is entitled to file claims for EC benefits. Dagsan may receive cash benefit, medical benefit and rehabilitation services under the ECP.

Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis said that ECC-Quick Response Program (QRP) ensures the presence of a team from the ECC as soon as there is an outbreak of a compensable disease or the occurrence of a major work accident in a particular workplace and upon obtaining complete details about the victims. The QRP provides victims or their families with psycho-social counselling and information or assistance in the filing of the appropriate EC claims.

“It is important that the presence of the government is felt immediately when work-related contingencies occur,” Banawis said. She, however, emphasized the importance of prevention. DOLE, through ECC and the OSHC, advocates prevention of work-related contingencies.