The Employees’ Compensation Commission in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment- Reg. 6 will conduct a one-day seminar on the Employees’ Compensation Program for labor union officers, human resource officers and employers on February 23, 2016 at the Pinnacle Suites & Functions in San Jose, Antique.

The activity is free of charge. It will be joined by 120 to 150 participants composed of human resource officers, union representatives, employers and workers in the government sector and private establishments in the province of Antique.

The ECC team will discuss the three main components of the EC Program: Prevention, Compensation and Rehabilitation services, and the recent EC Program reforms which are considered as the ECC’s ultimate strategies. These strategies are hinged on “3Es”- Equalized, Enhanced and Expand reforms to answer the three challenges hounding the EC Program namely: 1) lack of awareness on the EC Program; 2) low amount of EC benefits and 3) slow processing of claims for employees’ compensation.

Thus, aside from a thorough discussion on the package of benefits to public and private sector employees in the event of work-connected contingencies, sickness, injury or death, time will also be allotted for the promotion of the various programs, projects and services of DOLE Region 6.

A consultation meeting with Antique SSS Medical officers/representatives on the 22nd of February was likewise scheduled to update SSS processors on the recent ECC policies in order to facilitate processing of EC claims.