The Employees’ Compensation Commission Regional Extension Unit 1 (ECC-REU 1) recently conducted an orientation on the Employees Compensation Program (ECP) to personnel of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Ilocos Norte Provincial Police Office (INPPO).

At least 60 employees of the BSP Regional Office in San Fernando City, La Union attended the seminar during their General Staff Meeting on February 26, 2019.

ECC-REU1 Regional Officer Dexter Dupagan oriented the participants about the EC Program and discussed the benefits and services which employees may avail if they suffer from work-related sickness, injury or death.

Dupagan also clarified the “exclusiveness of benefits” provision under the GSIS law in relation to PD No. 626.

“According to Section 55 of RA 8291 or the GSIS Law, whenever there are other laws that provide similar benefits for the same contingency covered by GSIS Law, the member who qualifies for the EC benefits shall have the option to choose which benefit between the GSIS and EC will be paid to him,” said Dupagan.

“However, if the chosen benefit is less than the benefits provided by the GSIS, the GSIS will only pay for the difference between the benefit chosen as paid by the EC and the value of the GSIS benefit,” he added.

Meanwhile, all administrative officers of each police station in Ilocos Norte attended the EC program orientation held at the Conference Hall, INPPO in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte.

Dupagan explained that despite the exclusion of the members of the AFP and the PNP from the coverage of RA No. 8291 otherwise known as “The Government Service Insurance Act of 1997,” they are still covered by PD 626.

The seminars also highlighted the recent program reforms of the ECC anchored on the “3Es” -Equalize, Enhance and Expand strategy in response to the challenges facing the EC program.


End./Dexter Dupagan