CIRCULAR NO. 2019-01

CIRCULAR NO. 2019-01 ADVISORY ON THE AMOUNT OF EC CONTRIBUTION RELATIVE TO THE INCREASE IN SS MONTHLY SALARY CREDIT (MSC)  The following advisory on the amount of EC contribution is hereby issued in relation to the increase in the minimum and maximum monthly salary credit (MSC) of SSS effective April 2019: a.  The latest issuance continue reading : CIRCULAR NO. 2019-01

Circular No. 18-04-03

CIRCULAR No. 18-04-03 Advisory on the Description of Large-Scale Obvious Work-Related Accidents under EC Board Resolution No. 18-02-04   The following advisory is hereby issued in relation to the implementation of Board Resolution No. 18-02-04 (“Expediting the Processing of EC Claims for Victims of large-Scale Obvious Work-Related Accidents,” Feb. 1, 2018). For work-related accidents to continue reading : Circular No. 18-04-03